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Unlimited Earning

Why Aromatic •89•?

Aromatic •89• had a big breakthrough in the Lithuanian market and rapidly started to expand through the whole Europe. We are a luxury, high-quality brand offering products ranging from home fragrances to perfumeries, all crafted to meet the highest standards. Assurance of product safety, reliability, and quality guaranteed.
Mentorship: We have years of experience we want to share with you to kick start your career, as you join our sales manager team, you will get assigned your own personal mentor who will help with any question you might have!
Career opportunity: your journey begins as a sales manager, searching and selling to businesses, as you advance there is an opportunity to become a sales team leader and recruit your own team, full on onboarding, training, motivating and expanding as quickly as you like.

What are character traits of a successful Sales Managers?

Strategic Thinking: Identifies market opportunities and develops plans to achieve sales goals, thinking ahead to drive success.
Communication Skills: Clearly conveys expectations, provides feedback, and maintains open communication with team and clients.
Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Builds strong relationships through understanding and relating to the emotions of team members and clients.
Problem-Solving: Identifies and resolves issues effectively, from meeting sales targets to managing team dynamics.
Customer Focus: Prioritizes understanding and satisfying customer needs to build long-term relationships.
Mentorship and Coaching: Guides and develops team members, enhancing their skills and career growth.
Time Management: Efficiently prioritizes tasks and manages time to achieve both personal and team objectives.

Benefits and Support for Sales Manager from Aromatic •89•

  • Comprehensive Training and Resources: Receive extensive product knowledge, sales techniques, and access to digital tools.
  • Motivational salary system: Earn 30% from first business clients order and fixed 10% commission for all the further orders.
  • Exclusive Online Office and Multilingual System: Manage your business in an innovative online environment, available in multiple languages for inclusivity.
  • Diverse Clientele: Work with a wide range of businesses, including gift shops, cosmetics, flower shops, and beauty salons.
  • Wholesale prices for business clients: conducted motivational commercial-offer for business clients with product discounts, with up to 55-60% from retail price
  • Success Stories: Be inspired by testimonials from managers who have achieved significant earnings and flexibility. Aromatic •89• managers earn around 2,500€ monthly and up to 8,000€ in the Christmas period!

Become a manager

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