Perfumed Fabric Softener

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It is a real pleasure to enjoy the softness and fluffiness of a new garment every time you put it on!

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Scent Conegòn (Elite)
Effectiveness gives the fabrics softness and fluffiness and enriches the fabric with unique aromas
Top notes orange, peach, pink pepper, watermelon
Middle notes lavender, jasmine, patchouli, rose
Base notes chamomile, musk, tonka, vanilla

Thanks to its unique composition, the perfumed fabric softener keeps the quality of the fabric intact and gives it a gentle softness. For this reason, your favourite clothes will make you happy for even longer. After washing, the fabrics will release less static discharge and their ironing will as easy as it was never before. CONEGÒN fragrance is also hidden in the composition of the fabric softener. During each wash, this fragrance will enrich the fabric with exclusive plays of aromas. Each time after washing clothes or bed linen, you can enjoy the friendship of orange, musk and vanilla notes. To ensure a long-lasting fragrance intensity, it is recommended to use CONEGÒN laundry detergent at the same time. This detergent will easily remove stubborn stains and will retain a sense of luxury in your environment. The easy and fast-acting fabric softener will keep the fabric of clothes intact and will give it a gentle softness, and also will make it possible to continue enjoying actively the pleasures of life!

Briefly about our fabric softener:
Gives fabrics softness and fluffiness
After washing, the fabric releases less static discharge and is easier to iron
Keeps the quality of the fabric intact
Contains CONEGÒN fragrance aroma, which remains in the fabric for a long time
1 cap is enough to wash 10 T-shirts or 3 kg of clothes
Volume – 1000 ml
Made in Lithuania.

Ingredients: Cationic surfactants PAM ≤ 5%, propan-2-ol ≤ 5 %, nonionic surfactants PAM < 5%, parfum (benzyl salicylate, iso E super, linalool, helional, hydroxycitronellal), preservative (dimethylol glycol, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone).

Attention: Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective gloves, use eye (face) protection. Avoid contact of the fabric softener with the eyes or mouth. After contact with skin, wash skin with water. After contact with eyes: rinse carefully with water for several minutes.

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