SET: Car Air Freshener Vent Clip

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An exclusive set of scents created for your most memorable travel moments, which will delight you all year round!

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Effectiveness reusable holder with replaceable fragrance capsules that will smell good for up to 30 days. IMPORTANT: scent capsules are most effective during warm air circulation.
Dimensions diameter: 3.7 cm
Quantity 12pcs
EAN 4779044095919

Luxury and exclusivity are the features that characterize the air freshener and the set of 12 popular Aromatic •89• scents for your car. The minimalist design of the air freshener is an elegant decoration for the interior that spreads the selected scents for up to 30 days! The exclusive scents can be felt as soon as the air freshener is inserted into the vents, and when the warmer air flow is turned on, the aroma only intensifies. The metal holder is reusable, so once one scent runs out, you can replace it with another. The set includes 12 of the most popular Aromatic •89• scents, ready to impress you with their aromas every month. This luxurious gift will delight you all year round!

The set includes TOP 12 scents

The car air freshener and the popular Aromatic •89• scents are packaged in a luxurious-looking box, so the arrival of the set at your home will be just one of many elegant experiences that will visit you!

54 reviews
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