Aromatic •89• is a Lithuanian brand of luxury, high quality scented products and niche aromas.

Our goal is to reach every home, every car and every person who wants to get to know and fall in love with our scents.
Our mission is to assure the development of in-demand, luxury and high-end scented products by creating business opportunities for the brand representatives and business clients.
Our vision is to become a desirable leader in the industry and to become a globally recognised brand.

Our values include:

• Quality: we seek to assure that our products would be very high-quality and would meet our customers’ expectations.  
• Professionalism: we work professionally and responsibly to make sure that our clients are satisfied. 
• Teamwork: We work as a team to reach our goals and ensure customers’ satisfaction.
• Integrity: We always act in a fair and ethical way, making sure that our customers would get all relevant information and high-quality services.
• Respect: We respect our customers, employees and partners, maintaining good relations and cooperation.
• Leadership: We aim to become the leaders in the industry and to set high product and services quality standards.


In 2016 an idea was born in Arnoldas Bružas kitchen – creating aromatic and cosy gifts for his loved ones was developed into a high-aiming business and a team of believers in scent magic.

Leader of the company decided to take ownership of his life after the work experience in Norway where hardships of manual labour and success stories of other people were bugging him to find his own happiness somewhere else.

“Step by step, the vision of a company I would like to work in came to my mind. I could perfectly visualise the atmosphere I would create, the working space I would offer, the team I would gather to reach the goals, and the relationships I would foster in my company”, said A. Bružas.

Finally, enchanted by this idea, Arnoldas left his job and came back to Lithuania to start his own business.

“After a thorough research of candle making techniques, I started making them myself. The beginning was hard. I used to spend days with a phone in my hand looking for clients who were not interested in my product. It was impossible to sell an unknown brand to someone. My money quickly ran out and after six months of unsuccessful efforts I was forced to leave Lithuania once again. There was not one day that I would forget my ideas and vision, I continued believing in them. I already knew what I will buy with the earned money.” said A. Bružas about the first challenges.

Founder’s home soon were filled with wax, glass containers, lids and other equipment. He started to make candles, however at that time there was no thought about home scents.

Even though the second beginning also was not easy, in 2018 company employed its first staff member. The founder is very grateful for the lessons that brought Aromatic •89• to the place that the company is today.


The name was created by adding a symbol of the highest ascending double-digit numbers, signifying a vision of excellence and purpose to the word “Aromatic”, suggesting a scented idea.

This is how the brand was named Aromatic •89•.



Creating a character for a home is an art, and we want to become a part of that.

We strive for our perfumed and minimalist production to become a part of your daily lives and to continuously make you happy. That is why we are rapidly expanding our product range and we are not willing to stop any time soon.