Aromatic •89• - a manufacturer of luxurious, extremely high quality, perfumed products and niche home fragrances in Lithuania.
Our mission - to ensure the development of sought-after, luxurious and extremely high-quality perfumed products, creating business opportunities for brand representatives and business customers.
Our vision - to become desirable and ambitious, a leader in its field and a globally known brand.
Our goal - to reach every home, every car, every body and give an opportunity to know and love our fragrances.

Our values include:

Quality: We strive to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality and meet the expectations of our customers.
Professionalism: We work professionally and responsibly to ensure that all our customers are satisfied.
Teamwork: We work as one team to achieve our goals and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
Integrity: We always act honestly and ethically, ensuring that our customers receive the right information and quality services.
Flexibility: We are flexible and adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs.
Respect: We respect our customers, employees and partners, maintain good relations and cooperation.
Leadership: We strive to become leaders in our field and set high standards in product quality and service delivery.


In 2016, the idea born in the kitchen of Arnold Bruža's house - to create fragrant and cozy gifts for your loved ones - grew into a business that achieves big goals and a team that believes in the magic of scents.
The manager was encouraged to take the reins of life into his own hands by his work experience in Norway, when while doing hard, physical work and listening to inspiring success stories, the thought that his place was somewhere else did not give him peace.
"Gradually, the vision of the company where I would like to work was created. I perfectly imagined what kind of atmosphere I would create in my company, what kind of comfortable workplaces I would set up, what kind of united team I would gather to achieve a common goal and what kind of relationships I would nurture in it." - A. Bružas.
Finally, possessed by that thought, Arnold decided to quit his job and return to Lithuania to start working for himself.
"After thoroughly studying the techniques of making candles, I started production. The beginning was very difficult. I spent days and days with my phone in my hands, looking for customers, but no one needed the product I was developing. It was impossible to convince an unknown brand. The money quickly ran out, so after half a year of unsuccessful attempts, I had to return abroad again. I never forgot about my ideas and visions and continued to believe in them. I already knew what I would buy with the money I earned," A. Bružas recalls about the first challenges.
Soon the founder's house was again full of wax, glassware, lids and various equipment. The production of aromatic candles began, and there were no thoughts about home fragrances at that time.
Although the second start was not easy either, but in 2018 the company was already able to hire its first employee, and the lessons learned led to today, which the founder of Aromatic •89• is happy about.


The word "aromatic", which already carries a fragrant message, has been given the symbol of the largest ascending two-digit numbers, denoting a vision of the highest quality and precision. This is how the name Aromatic •89• was given to the brand.


Creating a home's character is an art and we want to be a part of it.
We want our perfumed and minimalist design products to accompany and delight you in every step of your daily life, therefore, hearing your needs, we are rapidly expanding the range of products and will not stop doing so for a long time.