About Aromatic •89• business customers

Aromatic •89• business customers are natural or legal persons with physical or online trading locations in countries around the world. We want all our business partners to be profitable, satisfied with the quality of our products and service, and to become viable representatives of the Aromatic •89• brand. We appreciate our business customers who have chosen the production of Aromatic •89• brand and sells it in various business industries, for instance, in beauty salons, flower and gift shops, or online.

Aromatic •89• business model

Aromatic •89• business model is focused on partner outlets, away from their official physical stores. Since 2016, we have been focusing on physical outlets for our business customers and over the past 5 years we have achieved rapid growth, reliability and a high level of service. Already more than 1067 partners from around the world have chosen the production of Aromatic •89• and sells it in cities around the world. The business model is based on exceptionally high product quality, honest cooperation, a high level of service and loyalty to our business customers.

Why business is choosing Aromatic •89•?

Aromatic •89• is a reliable brand whose products are popular with consumers, allowing partner outlets to attract more customers and increase profits. 98% of Aromatic •89• customers are loyal due to various attributes of product and service quality.

Our offers to the business customers:

● Wholesale prices, regardless of the order size
● No binding orders or deadlines
● Quality and responsive service
● Fast, flexible and secure delivery logistics
● Special offers, loyalty programmes, and gifts.

Every day we receive enquiries from private customers about the availability of Aromatic •89• products in certain cities around the world. We therefore recommend that private customers contact our business customers who have Aromatic •89• products in their shops. For this reason, we are constantly looking for new business customers around the world to meet our customers' needs and to expand our sales network.

Additional options available to our business customers:

● Personal manager. Business customers are assigned a personal manager to answer any questions and help solve problems.
● Advertising solutions. Customers are provided with a catalogue of Aromatic •89• products, home fragrance displays, fragrance samples, product samples, as well as promotional items such as product displays, posters, gift vouchers, and shopping bags to increase brand awareness.
● Product testing. Business customers can test the products free of charge and check the quality of the products to make the best decision.
● Translations of product labels. Providing a choice of language on product labels to make product information accessible to the target market segment.

We create value for our customers!

We want high brand awareness and we invest in brand visibility. We build active communities of advisors, with high expertise and high service standards, we actively manage social media content and invest in online advertising, and we work with TV and radio stations – we are talked about, we are shown, we are seen! We actively participate in world exhibitions. We are recognized globally!

Do you have a retail outlet?

If you have a retail outlet, we invite you to join the Aromatic •89•  community and expand your product range with extremely high quality products. 

How to become Aromatic •89•’s client?

Step I: Registration. After registering, please fill in the “For Business Customers" form – you can find it in your personal account after logging in.

Step  II: After submitting the form, we will send you a commercial offer within 1 day and assign wholesale prices. You will be able to place your first order immediately at wholesale prices.

Invite business customers and get a steady 5-10% commission on their wholesale purchases!

Our unique business model. We want everyone working with Aromatic •89• to have ample opportunities to develop themselves, their business, their knowledge, their acquaintances, and to be rewarded with bonuses.

We provide all the tools you need to work with business clients:
● A customer management system
● An automated commission calculation
● A clear and easy-to-understand management system which is available in up to 15 languages.

Your clients won’t be forgotten!

If you don't have an Aromatic •89• product in your range that meets your customers' needs, then Aromatic •89• gives you the opportunity to refer them to the official online shop, where you will also receive a commission of between 15% and 24% on their purchases.

 We will pay a 24% commission if the customer buys products without a 20% discount.
● We will pay a 15% commission if the customer buys products without a 20% discount.

We will take care of advertising, newsletters, reminders so that your customers know all the latest news about Aromatic •89•, so that your customers receive new products, samples and gifts with every order.

How does it work? 

Register as a customer or share your unique link or QR code, which can be found in the “Online office”.

● If a customer is redirected through your personal link and purchases products without a discount, you will receive a 24% commission.
● Once registered, the customer becomes your “Partner” and purchases goods at a discount, for which you receive a 15% commission.

When creating a link, you can select “Partner registration”, after the first purchase the customer will be registered as a partner and the next time they will buy at a discounted rate, which means that you will earn a commission of 24% on the first order and a commission of 15% on the next ones.

If you do not select the “Partner registration” option, your customer will always buy without a discount and his status in the system will be “Customer”.

IMPORTANT: With the agreement of both parties, a partner may move to another business client.